friday thoughts.

• When I picked up Jack from daycare on Tuesday (Valentine's Day), the super cute girl in his room handed me a bag with his name on it. Inside were several valentines. Cue the guilt! I didn't realize that I needed to make valentines from my 9 month old for all of his classmates! Ugh ... it's all starting!

• John's cousin is getting married this weekend and I bought a really cute Gianni Bini dress. However, it's short and without tights, the world will see my nearly-transparent skin. Seriously, I could be a Cullen.

Anywho, I decided to get a mystic tan yesterday. I took my make up and jewelry off, stripped down, and lotioned up my hands and feet. I stepped into the booth, waved my hand in front of the sensor ... nothing. Waved again ... nothing. Waved AGAIN ... nothing. So, I strapped on a towel and found one of the workers. She'd forgotten to turn it on.

After that debacle, I was worried, I'd end up looking like Ross. It all turned out okay, I turned when I was supposed to and I did an OK job at making sure my knuckles and other "crevices" weren't all caked and orangey.

I'm feeling a little over tan (especially for February), but I'm sure I'll be glad I did it when pictures comes out.

•Also, yesterday, I decided to try out curling my hair. It didn't take too long (my main concern with using a curling iron) and ended up staying pretty much all day. I'd say this'll be a nice occasional change for my day two hair.

• So much happened on Valentine's day ... one of our like-family close Montgomery friends passed away way too soon Tuesday. She and her husband (and their 7-year-old son and her mother) are mine and John's next-door neighbors. She'd been feeling sick (just any other cold/flu-like symptoms) and then Monday morning her husband took her to the hospital in our town. They ended up transferring her to Oklahoma City where she rapidly went downhill and ended up passing away just about 24 hours later. She was only 46 and had her entire life ahead of her.

To say that this was a complete shock is an understatement. When I think of Bill and Brady and Mildred having to make it on their own ... it makes me so sad for them. Patty and Brady were so close and now his mother is gone. So sad.

And, it really makes you realize just how short your life can be. John and I don't have a will (something we really wanted to get done before Jack was born), but that's at the top of our list since this realization.

Have a happy weekend, friends. Hug the ones you love and always let them know how much they mean to you.