We've been slowly trying finger foods with Jack since probably the middle of January, maybe earlier. Nothing special, just bananas or blueberries cut into quarters and puffs. And, like I've mentioned, he's just never really taken to it. And, even though we haven't been at this for long, I was getting frustrated! I just really thought once he tasted "real food" he'd be all over it. But, he wasn't. (Aren't babies the best at proving you wrong??)

No matter what has happened, I've been determined to keep consistent with finger foods. At every meal I have something on his highchair that usually just gets pushed around or thrown on the floor.

Last night for dinner was no different. But, I'd skimmed some baby led weaning information and thought I'd try something along those lines. The tip I read was to give them something bigger they can hold onto and just take bites off of. So, I made some toast, spread it with blueberry yogurt, and gave it to him.

Of course he mushed it all up and his hands ended up with most of the yogurt on them, but he actually held it and took bites. And, the biggest success of all was that we only had one almost-gagging incident that I distracted him from and he was great! We celebrated and he even clapped for himself some!

This morning I gave him the same thing and we had the same result, without the almost-gagging incident.

My plan is to keep giving him this for a few days and use this as a jumping off point.

I fully realize that eating "real food" is not going to happen right away and that we're in this for the long haul. But, the fact that we had a success to hang our hat on last night has made me so happy. Baby steps, people.

And, if Jack is eating only toast spread with blueberry yogurt for years on end, I think I'd be ok with it. (I say that now, but ask me in a month and my answer will probably be different.)

see the "toast" in his right hand?