sicky sicky boo boo.

I knew starting our baby in daycare meant he was exposed to more germs, but I didn't really realize just how sad it is when your baby is sick. Friday night, Jack slept terrible. Unless he was in our arms, sleeping on our chest, he was crying and miserable. Around 2 or 3 a.m. we decided he had a fever and since we have a crappy thermometer and have never even tested it, we knew it was over 100 and climbing so we took him to the hospital. Probably overkill, but we weren't messing around. The doctor there put him on Amoxicillan. We're on day 4, but that hasn't knocked it out yet. Yesterday I took him to the doctor and she said we were on the right track. She said to add benedryl to our mix and hopefully he'll improve. So far, he's about the same.

Seeing my baby feel bad is the worst feeling ever! At first, when giving him his meds, he would open his mouth and take whatever. Now, the moment he sees the dropper, he starts shaking his head and pursing his lips. And, after it's over he's usually crying. I feel so mean making him take the meds, but I know he needs them. If I could be sick instead of him, I'd take it!

As I mentioned I took Jack to the doctor yesterday. We love our pediatrician. She came highly recommended from several people we know and she hasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, the same can't always be said for the nurses that answer the phone. I called on Monday to ask a question or two about Jack being sick and the nurse was short and unfriendly when I said he was on antibiotics. Her response was, "Well we don't usually start them on antibiotics until after 10 days. He probably needs an antihistamine, but you can't take an antihistamine and antibiotic together." I was taken aback by her rudeness and lack of help and just said thank you and hung up. After seeing the doctor, we found out that what the nurse said wasn't true and he's on benedryl now.

This isn't the first time I've been basically dismissed by one of the nurses at the doctor's office. So, after Jack was fully examined and everything, I decided to mention it. Though I'm not usually a complainer (and I said that), I felt it was necessary for her to know that I have been hesitant to call and ask questions in the past because some of the nurses act like they don't have the time for me, or that I'm asking a stupid question. Anyway, needless to say, the doctor was appreciative of me saying something and wanted me to know that if I ever feel like that again to ask for her directly. Score one for the new mom!

Jack slept better last night, but had a fever again so he skipped daycare again! I love having him with me, but it's so hard to keep him happy without holding him most of the day.