** fo real, i had this all typed out last night and ready to post, but then our internet stopped working and didn't start back up again until about an hour ago!

Before I jump into my post, I first want to say thanks to those that commented on my post from Tuesday. I'm a spaz and if my baby doesn't seem to be on track with other babies, I get worried! But, in all honesty, I know he'll eat when he wants and what he wants  and doesn't care one bit what I want. Oh, how I love that boy!

And, I fully realize I did not hold up my end of the bargain. I missed posting on Wednesday (and now Thursday, but it's not my fault!) and my excuse is that daycare called because our baby had a 103 (really 104 after adding the one degree because his temperature was taken under the arm) fever. I picked him and he couldn't have looked any more sad. I dropped everything and tended to our baby. Sorry!

Ok, now on to what I want to chat about. And, get ready, it's still all about Jack being sick! Like I mentioned, Wednesday he had a really high fever and we brought him home, stripped him down, gave him Motrin and a bottle and hoped the fever dropped. I got an appointment with the doctor again. She couldn't have been nicer and explained that it's possible that the J Man just spikes high fevers. So, from now on, unless it's 105, we're going to watch him until we really think he needs a doctor visit.

It is so heartbreaking to see our little monster not acting like himself.

I looked in his little mouth today during one of our several diaper changes when he was super fussy, and noticed there are at least 4 teeth about to break through. And, I'm thinking this quite possibly has something to do with this 2 weeks of sickness we're experiencing!

I'm ready for this guy

to be back to being our little monster!