feeling stuck.

So, Jack has been eating solids for more than 4 months and I get the feeling it's time to move him on to finger foods. His pincer grasp is still developing, I think, which means he may not be completely ready.

But, in the last month, he's gone from consistently taking 24-27 ounces of formula a day to taking 20-24, on a good day. This means that some days he gets less than 20 ounces. And, he doesn't always polish off his rice cereal + veggies/fruits. And, he used to eat a cup of rice cereal a day, no problem.

I just think it's time.

However, the doctor said to wait until 9 months and for his pincer grasp to develop.

It doesn't make me feel better when I see posts and pictures of other babies that are the exact same age as Jack eating finger foods.

I know. I know. Comparing one baby to another gets me nowhere, but I just really think it's time. In the last few days I've been several over babies (all born within a week of the monster) eating finger foods. Is he behind??

To be quite honest, that's my biggest fear.

But. (again, there's a but) Like I tell myself when my frustration rears it's ugly head, he'll be eating for the rest of this life, why push him into something he doesn't like or isn't ready for? It's way easier to say that than practice what you preach when you feel like your little man is falling behind other babies his age.

Maybe a call to the potentially unfriendly nurses at the doctor's office is in order.

But, before I throw questions to the wolves nurses, I'm asking the blogosphere. What's your advice?

Oh, and before I go ... here's a funny story.

I picked Jack up from daycare today and when I went to his little classroom, he was shirtless. Uhh...??? I thought they'd just finished up changing his diaper or something.

Nope. Turns out he had a little bit of an up-the-back blowout and they thought he didn't have a change of clothes. (Hello, I'm not one of those mothers. He has another set of clothes. Trust me.) So, there he was, shirtless, in the middle of daycare.

Sweet. His first foray into white trashdom.