Jack: 7 months.

To say that the last month has flown by is an understatement. We are loving getting to see more and more of Jack's all-boy personality every single day. This little guy keeps us on our toes!

The last month has had its ups and downs as far as feeding Jack solids. At the beginning of the month, he was constantly refusing. As we progressed he got better and better. And, after seeing the doctor last week, we've seen a vast improvement. I switched his solids to before his bottles and Jack seems to really like that. I was worried he might be too impatient, but he loves his food and is a much more pleasant baby to feed (no more pursed lips and turning head)! We're up to a 1/4c of rice + fruit/veggie in the morning, 2 tbsp - 1/4 c rice + fruit or veggie in the middle of the day, and 1/4c rice + fruit/veggie at night. Yay!

The only thing he doesn't like is peas. Everything else has been a hit. I'm thinking we could even try peas again soonish and see what his take is again.

But, as John pointed out, now that he's good with solids, we've seen a bit of a regression with his bottles. He is THE HARDEST baby to feed these days! If he's not rolling around all over, he's turning his head and pursing his lips! Luckily he usually ends up with enough to eat, but it's been touch and go (and frustrating for mom...)!

We've reached a few milestones in the last month: sitting up unassisted and crawling. His crawling is getting better and better and before we know it, he'll be in to everything! In fact, just last night, as I was looking at him on the monitor, he was STANDING in his crib! John is lowering the crib ASAP!

Jack is definitely a babbling baby these days. He never stops talking and sometimes we think he's saying mama or dada or something like that, but no such luck yet. But, randomly, he's started to lay his little head on my chest or shoulder. He's not so much tired, just resting, I think. No matter the reason, I love a snuggle with my little guy!

I tried taking Jack down to 2 naps a day (only for one day), but it was a big old disaster! He was super fussy and his afternoon nap was 45 minutes. So, for now, we're sticking with 2 longs naps and a cat nap in the late afternoon.

Still no teeth. And, with minimal chances to look in Jack's mouth, they don't look like they're on the immediate horizon. Oh well, he gets by just fine with out them. Plus, I'll be sad to see his gummy smile go!

One of my favorite things that happened during Jack's 7th month was when he finally got to meet his Aunt Tara and cousins Hunter and Hannah. I know I posted about it, but they had such a great time, and I cannot wait for them all to be wreaking havoc together!

All in all, we couldn't be having a better time with our little love. He's so sweet and happy! And, I know I'm biased, but he's just the best baby!

7 month stats:
•26ish ounces a day, 1/2c - 3/4c rice + veggies/fruits three times a day
•mostly wearing 6 or 6-9 month onesies, can still fit in 3-6 month pants
•size 3 diapers