goodbye gummy smile.

Last Monday I did a routine check of Jack's mouth for teeth. I didn't think I'd find anything at all. He's been drooling like crazy and putting everything in his mouth for months with no sign of a tooth.

When I ran my finger along his gums, I finally felt something! He's not very cooperative with opening his mouth to show off his first tooth, but sometimes when he smiles really big, you can see it.

Then yesterday, while buckling him into his carseat, I noticed another tooth about to pop through!

As soon as the monster will allow it, I'll post some pics of his emerging two-tooth smile.

On the one hand I'm sad to see that adorable gummy smile go, but I'm excited for these teeth to finally pop through; and he already looks so cute with two little white teeth coming up!

On a related note, have you heard that some babies are born with teeth? How weird and kind of creepy would that be?