giftsgiving 2011.

Considering we're a week from Christmas, it's time I posted about our Thanksgiving.

I've already mentioned this, but we spent Thanksgiving in Austin this year with (almost) my whole family. The best part was getting to see all the cousins interact. I'm so excited for future holidays together (and my brother and SIL to move closer)!

We drove down on Tuesday and got in in time to meet everyone out for dinner. Of course right when we walked in, everyone wanted to see Jack. He was a little hesitant at first, with so many people he didn't recognize, but he warmed up pretty fast and the kids had a great time!

We had decided before Thanksgiving that we'd do Christmas while everyone was together. So, Thanksgiving morning was like Christmas morning.

We all woke up early and put the presents from Santa out. (Thank goodness Santa was willing to come to parents' house a month early!) And then when everything was ready, the kids got to come in the living room to see what they'd gotten.

Of course, Jack is still way too little to understand what's going on, but he got some super fun toys and had a great time on "Christmas" morning.

Surprise, surprise, Hunter got some Star Wars figurines.

Lookin' good on Giftsgiving morning.