first christmas.

Everyone was so excited for Jack's first Christmas, and it didn't disappoint.

But, I have to say, having Christmas on a Sunday is not my favorite. We had Friday off, which we used to run some errands and finish up some last minute Christmas things. Saturday was full ... lunch with John's great-grandmother and grandmother and his family, come-and-go party at some friends' house, church at 6:00 and dinner at John's parents house. We got home around 9:30 and I was exhausted!

Jack's new tobogan from Nanny
Nanny (who is 101 ... possibly 102 ... and strong as can be) with Jack.
Sunday was just as busy but so fun!

The morning started with stockings and presents from us to Jack. This was short and sweet (and sans pictures) since we only got him some clothes and a play mat for the living room. Then it was naptime, and J and I opened our presents to each other and from my parents. 

Then, around 10:30, it was off to J's parents' house for presents and stockings.

so proud
It's hard to get much for a 7.5 month old, but Jack had a great time! He opened some of his presents and played with some of his new toys and books. And, at the end of the morning of presents, his final gift was revealed -- a rocking horse!

This is not your standard rocking horse. It makes noise, the head bobs and the tail "wags"! So fun ... except Jack will have to warm up to it a little. He sat on there for pictures, but wasn't quite sure it was for him. 

Then, it was off to J's aunt and uncle's house. Jack only got a power nap on the drive, which made me a little nervous, but he did great! He was awake from 1:15ish until he went to bed at 7 ... that's a LONG time for our little monster. He was pooped.

Our adorable Christmas monster!
All in all, Jack's first Christmas was so fun.