buh bye mullet.

It's no secret that Jack was born with a full head of dark hair. 

Lots of people told us it might fall out. Nope. Jack's hair just grew and grew and grew and got much lighter. His hair almost looks like he has either lowlights or ombre coloring (so en vogue!).

those curls!
notice the ombre effect?
Anyway, his hair continued to grow and so did my love for it! Though Jack was rockin' a pretty sweet mullet, he also had these adorable little wings by his ears. Cutting it was not an option!

On occasion, someone would call Jack "she" and we'd have to correct them and J would get more anxious to cut his hair. I was able to put him off until at least after Thanksgiving so my SIL and niece and nephew could see the mullet in all its glory.

After Thanksgiving, more and more people were calling Jack "she".

(Please note that Jack he looks nothing like a girl and he's almost always wearing blue or something with a truck or dinosaur or something just as manly on his onesies.)

His hair was so much longer than I realized!
The weekend before Christmas, while at church, Jack was once again called "she". We of course corrected them and went about our business. Later, I took Jack to the grocery store and I had to correct no less than 5 people. FIVE! And, he was wearing a black and gray polo and black corduroys. Seriously?? If I  had a little girl she certainly wouldn't wear such manly clothing.

The last straw was Monday night when we were out to dinner with some friends. I had just been telling them about correcting several people the day before at the grocery store. Just then, a couple was leaving the restaurant, saw Jack and said, "Ooooh, she's so cute!"

My friend looked at me and said, "DID SHE JUST SAY SHE??!!"

Yes. She said she. Nice.

At that point, I'd had enough.

Tuesday morning I took Jack to a salon before his nap and they snipped off the mullet and super cute wings. Don't worry, we have tons of pictures, video and you better believe I kept some of his little baby hair from his first haircut.

no more wings (sadface...)

It's taken me some time to get used to his short hair, but he's just as adorable as he was with the mullet and wings, but now he's (I guess) more identifiable as a boy.