solids update.

We've been working on solid foods with Jack for about two months now, and we've definitely had our ups and downs.

I mentioned before that we thought he didn't like rice cereal so we switched to oatmeal. It turned out he didn't like oatmeal and really preferred rice. We know for sure that sweet potatoes, squash and carrots are the little guy's favorite foods. And no matter what, if those are on the menu, he's a good eater.

Recently we've hit a bit of a speedbump. I've tried to add a morning meal a few times before, but Jack wasn't ready. On Wednesday I tried again. This time he finally ate 2 tablespoons! This was a welcome new development! But ... one step forward, two steps back ... Thursday was a whole different story. I made cereal in the morning, just like Wednesday and on the third or fourth spoonful, Jack gagged and threw up. I threw out the rest of that meal. I just knew that he'd be fine and ready to eat that evening. Not the case. After a few bites, the cereal (mixed with bananas, I think) touched his tongue and he gagged and threw up a little again. And, once he does this, he's DONE. There's no use trying anymore. Frustrating.

Since Thursday he's been doing the same thing. Except on Friday when the grandparents were watching him. Figures. Ha!

He went from consistently eating 4 tablespoons of rice and 1-2 tablespoons of a veggie in the evenings to refusing.

I knew when we started solids it was going to be different and there would be some frustrations, just with most other things. I know he has an entire lifetime ahead of him to eat so I shouldn't push, but it's so frustrating!

Have I mentioned it's frustrating?

I called the doctor and she said to just keep trying. I'm sure this is just a phase because the kid LOVES to eat. And every time anyone around him eats or drinks something, he's watching like a hawk!

Isn't the Burberry big so over the top? Ha!