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J and I have worked together, side by side, since before we got married 5 years ago.

There's a niche publication in Norman called Boyd Street that was started by two guys in 2003. We bought the magazine in early 2006 from Clay, the second owner. We published the magazine for more than 5 years.

Notice I said published. Past tense.

Yep, the magazine officially changed hands again on October 31.

Selling the magazine was something I wanted to do when we found out we were pregnant, but it's just not that easy. You can't exactly list your magazine on Craig's List and hope for the best. No, you have to find someone willing to take on a publication, and everything that comes with it.

Though it took much longer than we thought at the beginning of 2011, we found buyers who were eager to continue the magazine and even give it a little bit of fresh life.

I can't say, now that the day has come and gone, that I'm completely happy with selling. Boyd Street is something that will always be a part of J and me. It was our job for a really long time and we met a lot of really great people and have many friendships to show for those years of hard work. But, being 28 and 29 and now raising (rearing) a child, we just weren't in the Boyd Street lifestyle anymore.

We always had a plan for when we sold the magazine and now we're moving on, but it's definitely bittersweet.

We had to clean out our tiny office, give the couch to the new owners, introduce him to advertisers and the staff and give the best tutorial we could without stepping on their toes.

I can honestly say we enjoyed our time publishing that magazine and it's bittersweet to no longer be a part of something that we put our hearts into. I wish the new owners luck!