Jack's schedule.

For nostalgia and/or reference in the event we're lucky enough to have more kids, I'm posting Jack's current schedule. We've been loosely following Moms on Call since Jack was 8 weeks old.

We've changed his schedule one time, going from bottles every 3 hours to bottles every 3.5 hours. I think that in the not so distant future we're going to have either move him to a 4 hour schedule, or drop one nap and he'll have a longer mid-day awake time, with a meal of rice cereal or baby food.

7:00 am - morning bottle (8 oz.) 
Usually Jack is awake and rolling around talking to himself. Occasionally he's still asleep or crying. He's really a mixed bag in the mornings.
8:30ish - morning nap
10:30 - 6 oz. bottle
This was a notoriously bad bottle time for Jack. He was always so distracted so we cut back how much he took. I think if we put 7 oz. in there, he'd take it all.
12:00ish - nap
2:30 - 7 oz. bottle
4:00ish - nap
This is usually just a catnap to get Jack through his 5:30 bottle to bedtime. It's anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes.
5:30 - 7 oz. bottle
We only give him 6 oz. of this bottle and use the remaining ounce for his rice cereal mixed with baby food.
6:00ish - baby food (usually 4 tbsp. of rice cereal and 1-2 tbsp. vegetable or, soon, fruit)
6:40 (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) - bathtime
Moms on Call recommend baths every night, but these 3 nights work the best for us
7:00ish - bedtime
We read three books (The Hungry Caterpillar, Guess How Much I Love You and Goodnight Moon) and sing and then he's off to dreamland his crib to thrash around until he falls asleep.
9:00 - 3 or 4 oz. bottle
Jack is usually basically asleep during this bottle. I really think we could drop it, but, as John says, why do we want to mess with our sleep. If we know this keeps him asleep, then why drop it? Plus, on nights we go to dinner, it's nice to have a bottle to come home to to get him asleep.

Thanks Lauren for the good idea!