Jack: 6 months

And, the months continue to fly by. The fact that we're half way to Jack turning one is absolutely nuts!

It's no surprise that Jack is more and more active these days. As I've mentioned, Jack loves to thrash around in his crib before he finally falls asleep for naps and at bedtime. And, more and more he's a tummy sleeper (which I never thought possible with how much he detested tummy time).

We started Jack on rice cereal after his 4 month appointment, and we've continued with one meal a day. After a few attempts at adding another meal of solids, we've determined that maybe Jack just isn't quite ready for that yet, and we're sticking with just a dinner portion. He loves rice cereal. We've only introduced vegetables so far, but his favorite is definitely sweet potatoes. He also loves squash and carrots and tolerates green beans. Peas, however, are off the list. The first spoonful of peas hit Jack's lips and he immediately gagged so hard he threw up a little. Needless to say, we won't be feeding the monster peas anytime soon.

We have a pretty happy baby on our hands. Jack is usually very easy going and all smiles and belly laughs.  About a week ago, he was trying our patience with fussiness and refusing naps, but I think that was growth spurt and I think we're past it now (cross your fingers...).

Still no teeth, although Jack is still drooly as ever and continues to chew on just about everything. And, although he isn't officially crawling, Jack occasionally figures out how to move his arms to go forward but usually he's content to roll around and scoot backward.

And, he really loves to swing his right arm all around. When taking a bottle, while in someone's arms, no matter what, that right arm is swinging and you don't want to get caught in it's wake.

In the last few days, Jack has been making the mmm sound more and more and we've heard "mama" on occasion, too! I really didn't think mama would be his first word, but I can't say I'm not excited that it is!

With all of the confusion of OU/Texas, Jack wasn't able to meet John's grandparents that weekend. But, we made a special day trip to Dallas so they could get their Jack fix. We had a great time, and I'm so glad to have gotten another four generation picture.

And, no matter how hard it was on me, Jack had his very first overnight stay with John's parents in October. I know they all had a great time together.

I've really enjoyed watching Jack's personality develop and can't believe we're halfway to his first birthday. Time really is moving way too fast!

6 month stats:
•18.5 lbs.*
•26 3/4"*
•30-32 oz. a day (mostly 7 oz. bottles with the occasional 5 or 6 oz. one)
•wearing 6 month clothes and still some 3-6 months
•size 3 diapers

*unofficial stats. our 6 month appointment is december 1 (we're officially behind with our dr.), so I should have official 7 month stats.