I was really excited for Halloween this year as it was Jack's first holiday that he wasn't mostly a sleepy little baby.

After waiting and waiting, I finally pulled the trigger on the little monster costume. I was super nervous it wouldn't fit. And, stupid me, I didn't try it on Jack until about a week before Halloween. Thankfully, it fit great. The only thing I needed to do was pin the headpiece so it wouldn't slip over the babe's eyes.

We dressed Jack up and made our way over to a few of our town's favorites to do a little trick or treating.

It doesn't get much cuter than this guy.

Our first stop and he's already lost the headgear and feet from his costume. 
Jack with Danny and Kit
Jack with Uncle Ralph and Clarissa
Jack with Dixie and Brady
We had a great time. And John and I loved enjoying the perks of having a 6 month old going trick-or-treating. Mmmm...3 Musketeers.