cousin love.

We spent Thanksgiving in Austin with my side of the family this year (more on that later!). And, one of the best parts of the too short time we were there was when Jack got to meet his cousins Hunter and Hannah.

Hannah had been talking about Baby Jack for forever, so when she finally got to meet him, she was so excited.

We met my family at a restaurant when we finally got off the road, and when we walked in Hannah excitedly whispered, "Baby Jack!" Both of the kids kind of swarmed Jack. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but, since he's the best baby ever, he warmed up to everyone very quickly.

My sweet SIL got all the kids matching pjs. It has to be mentioned that the smallest size they had was 12 months, and wouldn't you know it, they fit Jack pretty darn well (with minimal pant-rollage).

Below are pictures from Wednesday morning and then Thanksgiving morning -- or as we liked calling it, Giftsgiving!

I think the admiration is definitely mutual

She constantly wanted to hold him!
aaand when she finally got her wish, it was a little crazy to see that our 6 month old is basically the same size as my brother's 3 1/2 year old daughter!
matching jammies!