Wow... long time, no blog, huh? No excuses, I've just been lazy!

So, for OU/Texas, we had planned to take Jack to Dallas on Thursday to meet John's grandparents and then to my aunt and uncle's house to stay the night on Friday and during the game on Saturday. However, as we got closer to the weekend, things didn't really work out and I ended up in Oklahoma with the babe and JDM hit the road for Dallas.

I like to tell people that instead of going, I was sharpening my Mom Skills.

Anyway. Thursday night was quiet for us -- business as usual.

On Friday night, we had a dinner date with Sarah and Luke. They, too, had been abandoned stayed home, so it was fun to have a girls (and son) night out! We ate dinner at Cha Cha's and had good girl talk. Sarah is super fun, so you're sure to have a good time when you're with her. And, we're really strengthening the bond of friendship between our boys since they're destined to be BFFs.

Saturday we had big plans. I did Jack's morning bottle as usual, but then I loaded up the car and we hit the road for OKC. We had plans to watch the game and spend the afternoon my BFF and her husband. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of our side by side car seats, but I'm sure you can just imagine the cuteness.

I was super worried that Jack would fall asleep on the 45 minute car ride, thus negating a morning nap, and potentially setting us up for a fussy baby. He did end up falling asleep for the last 15 minutes of the drive and didn't take a very good morning nap. But, he was a perfect little angel ... until, I accidentally got overexcited on the first play of the game and my shrill cheer may have upset him. Whoops! Luckily we were, again, close to nap time. Jack went down pretty easily and took a great afternoon nap!

just chewin' on Sophie, post-bottle
Just before good Baby Jack turned into fussy Baby Jack.
B loves to "prop" babies, and this was our attempt to put her glasses on him. Hilarious!
Oh, and here's a funny little anecdote. So, after I scared Jack with my cheering, for the next 40 minutes or so until his nap, every time something good happened for the Sooners he started crying. The big joke was that he was a Longhorn fan. At one point, I was taking him back to his nap and the Sooners scored or something, and I had to hide his eyes so as to not upset him again. Funny? Maybe not to you, but hilarious at the time.

Though I wasn't in Dallas, at the State Fair drinking beer from a wax paper cup and celebrating a fabulous win with some of my best friends, I was at home with my most favorite little boy, getting some good quality time with some of my other best friends!

It was definitely different than usual, but I wouldn't trade time with my son for anything!