5 years.

Five years ago today I married JDM. He's my best friend and the one person I can spend hours on end with and, even though we might not have much to say, I'm having fun.

Our relationship started with a blind date set up, thanks to both of our roommates (who were dating at the time). Though we had a rocky beginning (John says he "played" me ... but that's another post entirely), we've been together for almost nine years, and, now, married for five.

In the past nine years we've definitely had our ups and downs, and fair share of fights and disagreements, but there's not a single other person I'd choose to spend my life with. And now we have the most amazing little boy who brings us so much joy!

Below is a Party Pic from our first date, Chi Omega Hooties & Harleys. It was a biker themed date party, and I have to tell you, John so looked the part, I swore people were going to think I'd actually picked up a biker to be my date! Ha!

So funny how young we look!

Here's to the rest of forever with my love!