thursday randoms.

You guys. I have been really wanting to blog and I have several things I'd like to post about, but this week has been crazier than expected and I just haven't had it in me to sit down and put together a decent post. So, in lieu of those posts (for now), here is a list of what's been on my mind.

• We all know the madness that was Missoni for Target. I had to take our next issue to the press on Tuesday morning, so it was a perfect opportunity to pop over to Target and check it out.

Uhh...the scene when I got in there, though not as crazy as other places I heard about, was not what I expected. Sure, there'd been tons of buzz all over the blogosphere, but I didn't expect ladies to have carts full of zig zagged clothing, etc., nor did I expect that the poor Target workers trying to get the merchandise displayed would be thwarted. Needless to say, you really had to get to the store prior to 8:45 in most places, and even then there was no guarantee you would get a little piece of this phenomenon. I didn't get any, and although there were a few cute things, I'm not too upset over it. I think those people that loaded their carts down only to turn around and sell the stuff on eBay are the worst.

• Last weekend, while John was playing in a golf tournament, Jack and I met my good friend Sarah's little boy, Luke. He was born September 3 at 10:30pm (during the first OU football game) and we've been chomping at the bit to meet him! Sarah was quite the trooper, and after 17 hour of not so fun labor, she got to meet her perfect little man. John and I are anxious for our boys to become the best of friends. We all see lots of play dates and maybe even a family vacation or two in our future.

And, after meeting Luke, it makes me even more excited for the Twinnies to get here in January to join in on the fun! Luke and Jack will have another bestie and a girl friend to fight over :)

• The weather has cooled down so much lately, and I'm loving it. Fall is by far my favorite season, which is why John and I got married in October, and I'm so pumped about pulling out boots, leggings and sweaters. We're supposed to be getting rain from now until the middle of next week, but who really knows. Anyway, I'm embracing these new temperatures and loving every minute. Jack even wore his very first long sleeved onesie today! I should take a picture...

• Jack has been pretty social recently. Like I said, we met Luke on Sunday, which was way fun. And, even though Luke was snoozing the whole time and I missed out on holding him, he was so adorable. I loved his little black peach fuzz hair. Monday night, Jack and I met Beth and Tiffany for dinner at Victoria's. He did great most of the time, but started melting down toward the end because it was kinda warm in the restaurant. And then last night we went to dinner with John's family. Friday night, Jack will most likely make his second appearance at a high school football (save for the weather). We went last Friday and stayed for the first quarter. I know Jack loved it ... he was looking around and watching everything.

• Halloween is quickly approaching. I'm on the lookout for a cute costume for the Little Monster and I'm (not surprisingly) excited about taking Jack to the pumpin patch for a photo op. What soon-to-be mom doesn't count that as one of the things they look forward to for when their babe is born? Ok, maybe fewer than I think, but I certainly did.

Ok, have a fabulous Thursday and hopefully I'll be back very soon with exciting posts with lots of pictures.