rice cereal.

Last Thursday, after the word from Dr. S., we started Jack on some rice cereal.

Though more runny than he probably liked, the first foray into solid foods went pretty well. Some of it actually made it in Jack's mouth, and some of it even made it down the pipe. Yay!

(John really wanted to buy sweet potatoes the other day, so we already have Jack's first baby food for whenever we think he's ready!)

As we've continued with the rice cereal, it's becoming more evident that Jack doesn't like it so much. After a couple bites, he turns his head away, purses his lips, or, if some of it actually makes it in, he makes he worst face! So, I'm going to get him some oatmeal and see how that fares.

He loved it ... can't you tell?

Love that smile!
Even though rice cereal hasn't been that messy (so far), it was bath night. And, how can you resist styling Jack's hair? You cant ... so we took a pic!