Jack: 4 months.

Once again, I'm amazed at how fast a month flies by. Our little man is 4 months old and everday we see more of this little personality as he grows and develops.

This month, Jack has become more mobile. Just about a week after his 3 month birthday, he surprised me one morning by rolling from his back to his belly. After that day, he's been a rolling machine. So much so, that a couple times he rolled over in his crib and would end up crying and I'd have to roll him back over to we could all go back to sleep. But, I think he's forgotten how to roll from his tummy to his back and sometimes gets frustrated that he's doing "extended tummytime."

Even a bit scarier than rolling over, one afternoon, during his nap, while we attempted to let him cry it out some, John's dad went back to check on Jack and he wasn't in his swing. Uhh...this kid can't get out on his own, so where was he?? He had flipped himself out of the dang swing and was on the ground under it! Luckily this was our little portable swing so he didn't fall too far ... but still. Not ok. Since that day, we've forgone swaddling during nap time and he's now safely buckled in. Talk about feeling like a terrible parent!

And, since we got rid of the swaddle for naps, we've completely abandoned the swaddle. Jack now sleeps at all times sans swaddle! He's such a big boy!

Jack has definitely continued drooling (no teeth yet) and has started chewing on his Sophie the Giraffe and other little teething toys. Don't be mistaken, though, his favorite things to chew on are still his hands and forearm.

Like last month, Jack has been pretty social! He met his almost birthday buddy, Addison and went to a bridal shower for a cousin of his! Once again, as the only boy in attendance, he stole the show.

Our Little Monster has definitely found his voice. When laying on his activity mat, he often squeals and coos and grunts and yells! I love hearing his little voice and "opinions."

As I mentioned in his 3 month post, Jack is super strong. (Probably the strongest baby I know, but I'm not biased or anything...) He still loves "standing" on us and any surface we'll put him on. And, he's trying to sit up now. Of course he can't sit up on his own, but he really enjoys trying, especially when he's in his bouncy chair (which he likes a lot more, now).

Every morning after his first bottle, I get the dogs out to feed them and then Jack and I take them outside. He loves looking around at everything around him. And, when the weather turned nice over this past weekend, I took him on a walk in his stroller. He was silent the entire time, just looking around and soaking it all in. When we got back to the house, the poor guy was a bit windblown and wide-eyed, but I know he enjoyed our short walk.

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this little boy and how much my love for him continues to grow. He really is the best thing that's happened to us and I'm trying to enjoy each stage without looking forward to the next one too much.

4 month stats:
•16 lbs.*
•25 1/4"*
•30-32 oz. a day (mostly 7 oz. bottles with the occasional 5 or 6 oz. one)
•wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes and still some 3 months items
•size 2 diapers

*We have a doctor's appointment in about 2 weeks for his 4 month check up, so the weight and length are unofficial. I'll update after our appointment.

Also, John wasn't home with our Nikon, so these are taken with the point and shoot. The only issues I really had were that the battery was going dead and the red-eye reduction light was distracting Jack so he didn't smile as much. Oh well!