gg and kapuna.

My parents came in town last weekend for the OU vs. Mizzou game and, more importantly, to see Jack.

They had been in Hawaii for two weeks (lucky dogs!) before coming to Oklahoma and, even though traveling the week after such a long vacation makes for a stressful situation, they weren't going to postpone this trip!

They got in town on Friday evening and since I had a wedding and John was working the high school football game, they were on Jack duty. My aunt and uncle were in town too, so they all congregated at our house to watch Jack and eat pizza!

Saturday we hung out at home all day. They got some really good Jack time in when he wasn't eating or napping. Then they loaded up and went to the OU game while we waited on the babysitter.

The game was great, but the company was even better.

The weekends are always too short, but I'm so glad that my parents were able to make it up here. And, we'll see them in less than a week in Dallas for OU/Texas!

Before my parents left in the morning (and just after Jack's morning bottle) we had a short photo shoot. I plan to print these pics out to show Jack so he'll know exactly who my parents are whenever he sees them!

Jack and Kapuna (grandfather in Hawaiian -- my dad loves Hawaii)

Jack and gg!