Last Friday, we had a very good Montgomery family friend come in town. He has been best friends with John's dad since forever (I don't know the actual time frame, so forever sounds about right ...). If you are at all in tune with college football you might recognize the face. If not, just know he's a really great guy and a true Sooner fan.

Bill is from the same small town in western Oklahoma that John D. is from and that's how they know each other and where their friendship flourished.

When we made it over to John's parent's house, Bill was beyond excited to meet the newest Montgomery. He took him from my arms and really didn't want to let him go! They liked each other from the get go!

I wish Bill's wife Nicki could have made it to see Jack, but definitely next time!

And, here's some photographic evidence.

Jack and his newest friend, Bill

Friday night the Dragons hosted Lexington (their rival) and before the game a civic organization in town hosted a pancake supper. We all went and enjoyed pancakes and bacon. I remember going to the same pancake supper last year knowing I was pregnant, but no one knew! Ha ... what a difference a year makes!

Jack and I didn't make it out to the football game. He was pretty tired and getting a little fussy, so we went home to bed. 

But, I'm so glad Bill was able to meet Jack and I look forward to many more pictures like this in the future!