road trip.

A couple weekends ago, we braved the open road with our 3 month old. I had low expectations as to how Jack would handle 6ish hours in his car seat on the drive to Austin and how he would handle sleeping in a pack in play for three nights. But, I have to say, he did great!

With most of the house packed up, we hit the road for Austin Thursday morning, after Jack's morning feeding. We were on the road for about an hour, and had to stop again to feed him, change him and give a little attention before strapping him back in his car seat.

Then, we made it to about an hour outside of Austin before we had to stop again. We stopped at a Sonic, which was perfect. We all had some lunch, Jack got a diaper change and some play time and we were back on the road again.

We didn't hear a peep from the backseat until we were about 30 minutes from my parents' house.

Jack was a great nighttime sleeper in Austin, too. We did our usual bedtime routine and he went to sleep around 715 most nights, and would usually wake up for a few minutes and then put himself back to sleep until I woke him up for his 9 p.m. feeding. Then, the first night, he woke up and cried for about 10 minutes around 415. The second night he woke up and cried for a few minutes around 5 am. And then the last night, he slept through the night, without a noticeable peep!

In addition to being the best baby ever, Jack finally got to meet Mia! My grandmother made the trek to Oklahoma for my shower in March, but hadn't gotten to meet her newest great-grandson, yet.

Mia came over Friday afternoon and got some Jack time, and we took a four generation picture!

With the craziness of Jack's schedule and his lack of naps, but increased fussiness, it was tough to really get out and see anyone. But, Kelly and Stephanie, two of my best friends, were able to stop by my parent's house to meet him, but I didn't get a picture of their meetings. But, Kelly will be in Oklahoma later this month, and Steph should be in Oklahoma at the end of October!

We had a great time, spending quality time with family and can't wait to take Jack back around Thanksgiving to meet his Uncle (Unkie??) Brian, Aunt Tara and cousins Hunter and Hannah!

The drive back to Oklahoma was really just as great as the drive down. We stopped in Waco and about 45 minutes from home to feed Jack. I'm one proud momma of that little monster (our newest loving nickname for the man)!