Jack: Three Months.

I'll probably say this every time, but, wow, time really flies. I'm still somewhat in disbelief that we have a baby, much less a three month old!

Jack has been quite the mover and shaker in the last month. We've really enjoyed watching his personality grow during his ever-lengthening awake time. In the last week, we've moved Jack to a 3.5 hour schedule, and though we had a couple of rough days during the transition, it seems like he's settled in pretty well.

Jack continues to learn every day. He's found his hands and loves chewing and sucking on them and his forearms. He loves to swing at the little animals and toys on his play mat. He is also getting stronger every day. He's sitting up in his Bumbo sometimes and loves to "stand" on us or any surface that we'll hold him up on. He could be on the way to his first tooth, because he's been drooling like crazy for weeks now.

At the beginning of July, I changed his routine and we started to enjoy full nights of sleep. Jack was sleeping from his last meal at 9 until 6 or 6:30 in the morning, with some reswaddles in the middle of the night. But, recently we've given up reswaddling him at night in an attempt to wean him from the swaddle and he now goes from 9 until 7! We love having extra sleep!

This month has been full of firsts for our babe. When Uncle Jason came to visit, Jack had his first dip in the pool! Grams and Gramps got him a cute swimsuit and shirt (spf 50!) and we put him in the pool later in the evening. Though he was pretty much indifferent, we can't wait to get him in there again! And, my friend Sarah, Jack's future best friend's mom, had a cute baby shower a couple weekends ago and Jack was the only boy in attendance. He did great and was loved on by lots of the ladies. And, finally, we hit the road for Jack's very first road trip to see his family in Austin (post on that coming soon!). He did great!

On July 25, we heard Jack laugh for the first time, too!

It's no secret that the temperatures in Oklahoma are out of control this summer, and our poor little man is just as miserable as the next guy. We've had him stripped down to just a diaper many nights just to try to keep him cool. And, he has two fans going in his room when he sleeps. Let's just say he's already showings signs that he inherited his dad's extra-hot nature.

Jack was born with lots of super dark hair, but as the weeks have gone by, his roots are turning blonde and it looks like we've had his hair highlighted. I wonder if he'll end up blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

We don't have a doctor's appointment this month, so the weight and length are unofficial.

3 month stats:
•14 lbs.
•25 1/4"
•6 oz (with occasional 7 oz.) bottles every 3.5 hours
•growing out of 0-3 month onesies, wearing some 3-6 month clothes
•finishing up our last size 1s and moving to 2s asap