baby shower.

A couple weeks ago I went to a baby shower for a friend (and sorority sister) of mine and Jack's future best friend.

I got there early thinking I could feed the babe before too many people got there and he got distracted. Although that was good thinking on my part, things didn't exactly turn out that way. In the three hours we were there, Jack had 3 ounces of formula and was awake for all but 30 minutes. But, to his credit, he was a perfect angel! He got super hot, but didn't make a peep! And, by the time I loaded him in his car seat for the drive home, he was out.

Several girls from my pledge class were there and I was so excited to show off my precious little guy. And, it was great to catch up with girls I hadn't seen in a long time.

Sarah, Sam and baby Luke are really loved and after this shower, they should be pretty much ready for his arrival in early September (or later this month, if he's itching to get out...).

Anyway, one of the girls had her camera and got some great pics of everyone (and Jack)!

me and Sarah

Sarah's MIL ... she was scooping up every child she could get her hands on!

ooo, he's cute!

Sarah with her mom and Sam's mom ... and Jack

Chi O till we Die O

refusing to take the bottle

Sarah's niece Laney, also born on May 6

another cute one

Missy (she's pregnant with twins, due in January/February!!!) with her mom and sister

John and I get so excited when we find out that our friends are having babies. And, Sarah and Sam are no exception. We can't wait for Luke to get here!