I couple weekends ago, some friends of ours (Josh & Lindsay) stopped by on their way back to Dallas after a weekend in Oklahoma.

J&L had their sweet baby girl, Addison, the day before we had our little monster  Jack :). And, since our babes are so close in age, they had to meet!

Although they're a little too young to remember, they were fast friends and both of them were just staring at the other baby in the room. (That's the first Jack's really been around other babies, so far). Anyway, Addi was born with tons of hair, like Jack, but hers is thicker and darker. And she has the cutest chubby cheeks!

We took tons of pics that we hope to show them in 18 years, when they're friends at OU.

babies meeting for the first time (it looks like Jack has a bald spot, which is not the case)

two very well-fed 3 month olds

even when meeting new people, Jack just can't keep his hands out of his mouth

aaand...he's done.

We had a great time catching up with the Carsons and can't wait to get the babies together again!