•So, my tv watching usually takes a definite hit during the summer. But, the one show that I can count on is Big Brother. Not only is it immensely entertaining, but it also comes on three nights a week!

The new season just started about 2 weeks ago, and I'm already hooked. Each season there are twists and the main one for this summer is that 3 "couples" from previous seasons came back on the show to try to win the $500,000 prize. Evel Dick and Daniele, Jeff and Jordan and, the worst of all of them, Brendon and Rachel.

If you like to watch a bunch of Crazies duking it out three nights a week, this is the show for you. The psychological warfare is the best.

Do you watch Big Brother?

•About a month ago we got some geraniums to fill two of the pots on our front porch. I don't have the greenest of thumbs, but I've been able to keep geraniums alive before. This year is apparently the exception. I've tried keeping them more shaded, less shaded, watered more often, watered less often and nothing seems to help. They're dying a slow death.

I've admitted I'm not a skilled gardener, but who can keep anything alive in these temps? And, there's no end in sight.

•The other night, just before I put Jack to bed, we did a little photoshoot. I got the cutest smiling pic of The Bubbs.

I was never a lover of the gummy, toothless smile, but this one just melts my heart. And those dimples!

•Friday was John's 29th birthday. We had a little QT for ourselves and went out to dinner with family. I think he enjoyed the first day of the his last year in his 20s.

Let me tell you the highlight of dinner, though: John, me, his aunt Missy and brother Matt all got puked on. Yep. Happy birthday to you, huh?

We went to the Mont, John's favorite, and were sitting inside instead of melting on the patio. We were all sitting, eating and drinking, minding our own business when some guy couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. I thought he'd spilled a drink, but No. He had had one too many and lost it all right behind me. I was wearing a romper, so I couldn't just change my shirt. John and his brother both got it all on their legs.

It was disgusting, but at least it happened to us. I'm not sure just anyone would be ok with it. The worst part is that the guy puked all over the floor and the entire party (except one) just peaced out. One really nice guy hung back and helped clean up and apologized. But, geez...everyone scurries away without saying a word? Nice.

That's all on the randoms.

I have a baby shower for Jack's future best friend this afternoon and I'm finally going to see Harry Potter part 2 tomorrow afternoon! Should be a nice little weekend.