Jack: two months.

Are you kidding me? Two whole months have passed since Jack joined our family? Wow, time really does fly!

In the last month we've gotten to see more glimpses of Jack's personality. He's a really happy baby most of the time, and we just love it when he smiles that toothless grin. He's always so happy to see me in the mornings (unless I've dallied a little too long and he's hungry) and loves diaper changes and getting his clothes changed. Do we have a fashionisto on our hands?

He's a pretty good little independent player. After his bottle he's usually content to lay on this activity mat and stare at his reflection or move his arms and legs around in hopes of hitting one of the little characters that makes noise. But, when he's had enough, it's quite obvious.

We love to sing The Wheels on the Bus and he just loves the little movements I do with his arms and legs. I think his favorite verse is when the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish. I always get big smiles and sometimes a coo or two on that one.

Just a couple weeks ago Jack rolled over from tummy to back for the first time, and this weekend he did it again, two times in a row! Even though tummy time isn't his favorite ... I think he has great neck control and can even hold himself up on his forearms for longer and longer. Not only is his neck getting stronger, but so are his little legs. Jack loves to "stand" on us and ends up looking like he's hula hooping when he's trying to keep his balance. I love it!

He's starting to stay awake so much longer. He can usually last an hour before it's time for a nap. But that's when we have the most fun! He's cooing, laughing, smiling, and checking out the world around him. But, we're currently battling the 25-45 minute nap. I don't mind it so much if he's content. It's the times when he's screaming and wailing that start to kind of fray my nerves.

Just in the last week, he's started to get more of a handle on his nighttime sleep. In the last 5 nights, he's mostly slept through the night on four of them. I feed him at 9 and put him straight to bed and he's been sleeping until around 6 or 6:30. Although I usually have to get up at least twice to reswaddle him, I'm loving more sleep.

Speaking of reswaddling, Jack is getting to be quite the mover. He breaks out of that dang velcro swaddleme blanket so easily! He loves to flail his left arm and that's usually the arm that's out first. And, by the morning he's usually scooted himself to the opposite end of his crib. It makes me wonder what this will mean when he really starts moving around!

Jack still has a full head of hair and that's usually the first comment that people make when they see him. Although it's gotten lighter (and he's got blonde roots, too), there's no sign of him going bald anytime soon, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

We're on the go a lot, but the car seat is by no means Jack's favorite place to be and he's yet to be super portable (minus those super sleepy first couple of weeks). Usually he sleeps during the car ride then wakes up when we get where we're going and after 20 to 30 minutes in there, it is TIME TO GET OUT! And, once again, he lets us know it.

All in all, I can tell a big difference in Jack from last month to this one and I'm so excited and anxious to see how he's going to change and grow. But, I don't want things to move too fast, I love having a little cuddler ... he won't be like this forever!

We just had our doctor's appointment this morning and Jack was a trooper for his shots. Of course he cried, but was calmed down within minutes.

2 month stats:
•12 lbs. 0 oz. (57%)
•23 3/4 long (79%)
•4-5 oz. every 3 hours
•pretty much all 0-3 clothes and some 3months
•size 1 diapers