good news.

Good morning!

I have a bevy of good news for you guys: Jack had a great day yesterday and slept 8.5 hours!!! Since he ate at 7:30, I had to get up around 4, but I'll take it! And, the little guy is 8 weeks today! Next week is his 2 month birthday and it's all so crazy how fast time has really flown. I can't wait to go back to the doctor and find out all of his stats. The guy has grown like crazy and my uncalibrated scale says he's over 12 pounds.

I took this yesterday during one of his great naps. It doesn't get much cuter than a sleeping baby.

I'm not holding my breath that today will be as good as yesterday or that he'll sleep as long tonight, but knowing we can have such a great day and great night's sleep has really helped my peace of mind. 

(I was all ready to spend money to watch an online seminar over nap and bedtime routines, but I'm glad I waited.)

And, in other news, during one of Jack's naps yesterday, I noticed a bat on our bedroom window. It stayed there all afternoon and finally flew off sometime last night. 

Have a great Friday and, more importantly, a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!! Cross your fingers for more long night's sleeps for my baby (and me!).