(preliminary) thoughts on motherhood.

I'm a little over 2 weeks into this motherhood thing and I've already gained some insight.

• First of all ... since Jack and Jason share a birthday (is that the eleventy-billionth time I've told you that?), I got to thinking how crazy it is that my mom and I both gave birth to our first-born sons on the same day, 35 years apart. So cool!

• We had our 2-week appointment with the pediatrician last Friday and Jack hadn't gained the amount of weight that he should have (essentially, he was a week behind). She put me on a medication that was supposed to (hopefully) encourage milk supply and we went back today to have him weighed again. This morning, he weighed the exact same amount as last Friday, so, we're officially supplementing with formula and I feel so much relief! It's such a helpless feeling to have your child wailing and know they're hungry, but not really be able to do anything about it. So, now that we know we'll be able feed him, I'm filled with relief.

• My mom stayed with us for almost two weeks and I can't say enough about how much help she was! I was super sad to see her go (more than a few tears were shed ...), but I knew that J and I had to start figuring things out for ourselves. It's been a little frustrating not to have an extra set of hands to hang on to Jack so I can go to the bathroom or put things away around the house, but we're dealing. My mom has since told me several times that she's more than willing to come back up and help in a heartbeat!

• Since coming home, Jack has gone 7 hours (thanks mom!), 5 hours and 4 hours between feedings at night. I like it when we go longer stretches ... who doesn't? And, who knows, maybe now that we know his belly is full, he'll go long stretches. Knock on wood!

• There are lots of options for quieting a crying baby: rocking, singing, bouncy chair, swaddling, having grandma hold him and driving around. We've used all of these!

• And, finally, having a baby really is a lot of hard work, but the when you figure something out or something you choose to do gets the results you wanted (namely, sleep), it's rewarding. I can't wait until Jack is more responsive ... talk about rewarding, then!