the nursery.

I finally took pictures of the nursery this morning. I really wish the room was bigger so you could see the whole thing in one picture. Unfortunately, baby has a tiny room and I have to take pics of each little area separately.

Just keep in mind we won't have much on the walls until we know if baby M is a he or a she.

I really love the bedding!

This chair is super comfortable and was the perfect compromise between what J and I wanted in a rocker/recliner for the nursery. Oh, and do you see the Yankees Jeter bobblehead on top of the bookshelf? Yeah, that has J written all over it!

I'm thinking about taking that Happy Birthday hat with the candles to the hospital for baby's first picture! How cute would it be to have the baby in there, wearing it or something?? 

So, that's the gist of the nursery. It's really cute and I kind of think that the individual pics don't really do it justice. 

And, just as an update for any family that might be reading and doesn't already know, if baby M doesn't come on its own, we have an induction date of May 11. So, there's an end in sight!! 

Have a fabulous Thursday!