introducing ...

Wow ... I've been a bit MIA.

But, how fitting that my 300th post is an announcement of the newest member of my family?

I went into labor on Friday, May 6 (which also happens to be my oldest brother's birthday -- don't worry, he gave me his blessing to have the baby on his birthday) and had baby BOY, Jack Montgomery at 3:35. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 10 oz (much bigger than the doctor's 7.5lb prediction) and was 20" long!

I called my parents that morning around 6 am to tell them my water had broken. They got in the car not shortly after and made it to Oklahoma just in time to come into my room and meet their newest grandchild! I was ecstatic they made it in time!

Jack and I were released from the hospital on Sunday and we have been in the throws of figuring each other out the last couple of days. He's really a great baby, and although today was frustrating (and there are many more frustrating days ahead), I'm in love and life before Jack is becoming a distant memory.

My dad had to head back home on Sunday, but my mom has been with us since we got home and she's offered to stay for 2 weeks! So far she's been a HUGE help and I'm sure when she's out the door, J and I will be very sad.

I've been wanting to sit down and share my news for a few days but haven't found a spare moment until now. My hope is to blog as much as possible about Jack and keep a scrapbook of what he's doing. Keep your fingers crossed I actually get that done!

I have a ton of pics to go through, so you can expect a post with just pics of being in the hospital and the days since we've gotten home. And, I promise them soon!