belly business -- 39 weeks

How far along: 39 weeks 
Size of the baby: baby M is now as big as a watermelon (about 7 lbs. and 19-22 in.) (Thank goodness he/she isn't getting any bigger because I pretty much feel stretched to the limit!)
Total weight gain/loss:  24 pounds
Maternity clothes: Lately, I find myself back to online shopping, looking for dresses that I can (hopefully) wear in the summer that will work for breastfeeding. Have I mentioned I'm sick of maternity clothes??
Cravings: margaritas!
Symptoms: all of the really fun symptoms. I've definitely been having more and more Braxton Hicks, and each time, I wonder if they're going to last longer and start coming regularly ... 
Movement: Movement has slowed a little due to lack of space, but the baby finds ways to move and flip around.
Gender predictions: I feel a little sad that I don't have an inkling what we're having. Some days I think it's a girl for sure because so many of our friends are having girls and then others I think it's a boy. No clue!

This week's highlights are that the nursery is "finished." I use quotes because until we know if we have a little boy or girl, the room won't be completely done. I plan on taking pics sometime this week and posting them for you guys.

Also, I went to the doctor on Thursday. Unfortunately, I hadn't made any more progress. He still thinks I'll go into labor and not have to be induced, but we did make a plan if needed. So, I think, by Wednesday May 11, whether the baby has come on its own or not, we'll have a baby! 

I know I posted this earlier this week, but I'm so excited and anxious at the same time! I wake up most mornings wondering if this is the last morning we won't be dealing with a newborn and wondering what our mornings will be like soon. 

Remember those couple of lunch dates when I picked my friend's brain on all things baby? She had her second girl a month ago and we finally got to meet her on Friday! She's so adorable and so tiny. And, meeting and holding her made both J and me so excited to meet our little miracle! Soon enough, I guess!

No picture tonight -- I'll have one tomorrow, I promise!