two unrelated notes.

I only have a couple things today, but they're super important.

First of all, I have to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to a friend of mine who was just granted parental rights to two adorable Ethiopian boys. After months of waiting and crossing their fingers and prayers from all those around them, they are parents!

She has posted most of the story of their adoption on her blog and when I read today's post I couldn't help but tear up. As I get closer to having a child of my own, I'm getting a better idea of what it must feel like to finally be able to hold your child and call them your own. And, after many trials, they finally have what they wanted: two adorable little boys who need them just as much as they needed the boys.

I really feel like adopting children is such an amazing thing to do. It's so stressful, but so rewarding. I know that if (at any point) John and I can't have children, I would definitely want to adopt.

And, second of all (and much more frivolously), I saw this kitchen in Lonny's newest magazine TRADhome and love it! I hope to one day build a house, and I really love how the kitchen has color but is still neutral. And, don't you love the stonework?? Fabulous!

Ok, that's it for now. Have a fabulous Wednesday -- I'm having dinner with a friend tonight and it should  be a great time!