belly business -- 37 weeks

How far along: 37 weeks 
Size of the baby: baby M is now as long a stalk of swiss chard and weighs in at about 6.5 lbs. 
Total weight gain/loss:  21 pounds
Maternity clothes: I'm getting so sick of trying to find something that fits! It's getting warmer, so I don't want to wear jeans, but I don't have that many dresses that fit over my belly. I'll be glad when I can wear my old clothes again!
Cravings: margaritas!
Symptoms: swelling, discomfort while sleeping, back aches, acid reflux and nesting -- I've obviously hit the really fun part of pregnancy...  
Movement: Movement has slowed a little due to lack of space, but the baby finds ways to move and flip around.
Gender predictions: I feel a little sad that I don't have an inkling what we're having. Some days I think it's a girl for sure because so many of our friends are having girls and then others I think it's a boy. No clue!

This past week was way busier than I expected! 

On Monday we finally met with a potential pediatrician. We know several people who go to this doctor and she gets rave reviews. After spending some time with her and getting good answers to our questions, we're decided. So, now that we've decided on a pediatrician, thats a big thing to cross off our pre-baby to-do list! Speaking of the to-do list, we also got the baby bassinet put together and we plan to get the car seat put in J's truck this week!

Wednesday night I went to dinner with a friend of mine that I hadn't seen since probably January. It was so nice to chat and see her before life with baby takes over!

Thursday night J and I had dinner with a couple that we've known since college. Every time we go out with them we sit and talk for 3 hours! This obviously means we need to do dinner/hang out way more often!

Friday night J and I had a date! I've been wanting to go on one last date before the baby since I know we'll be a bit pre-occupied for a while once he/she gets here. We went to The Mantel in Bricktown (thanks to a couple generous gift cards!) and the food was great, especially the molten chocolate cake! Of course I got dessert and was not disappointed! Mmmm...makes me hungry just thinking of it!

Yesterday I got a much-needed pedicure. Considering the fact that I can barely reach my own feet, I'd say prettying up my toes on my own would be nearly impossible! Then, late yesterday afternoon, we went to the Bedlam baseball game in Bricktown. After eating dinner at Abuelo's, we made our way over to the ballpark, but I started feeling kind of weird...and started kind of freaking out that I was going to go into labor. Ha...I'm not at all a spaz...

Anyway, I'm putting some finishing touches on the nursery and just impatiently waiting the arrival of baby M.

Here's this week's picture: