belly business -- 36 weeks

How far along: 36 weeks 
Size of the baby: large canteloupe (up to 22 inches and 6 lbs.) 
Total weight gain/loss:  I go to the doctor on Thursday, but let's just say I'm at 21 by this point
Maternity clothes: I think with the weather warming up so much I'm going to have to invest in some lighter weight maternity pants.  
Cravings: margaritas!
Symptoms: swelling, discomfort while sleeping, back aches, acid reflux and nesting  
Movement: The baby seems to squirm and flip around a lot. When I was at the doctor the heartbeat was 160, which means we have an active one on our hands!
Gender predictions: I feel a little sad that I don't have an inkling what we're having. Some days I think it's a girl for sure because so many of our friends are having girls and then others I think it's a boy. No clue!

Last week wasn't too interesting. I didn't have anything going on in the evenings, which was a welcome change. I ordered a rug for the baby's room and finally ordered this adorable owl hat that I want to use for the newborn pics.

how cute is this???

This week, however, I have a lot going on, but I have a few dinners with friends mixed in, which should be fun!

Yesterday, J hung up a little shelf/cabinet in the baby's room and we are so much closer to having it ready! And, honestly, if the baby came today, we'd be totally fine. The baby can't see farther than a foot or two, so if the shelves and curtains are hung up, I'm sure baby M won't say a word. 

On Monday we are finally going to meet with our potential pediatrician. I'm trying to gather questions for her. If anyone has one, send it my way! And, we're going to the fire department this week to get the car seat put in J's truck. It's going to be so crazy to have a car seat in our car and I'm thinking it's going to make me anxious to have a baby in it! Ahhh!!

I cannot believe we are under a month until baby. I'm thinking these next 4 weeks will creep by, but I'm so excited to finally meet and see our sweet little baby!

And, finally, here's my 36 week pic!