belly business -- 35 weeks

How far along: 35 weeks 
Size of the baby: large canteloupe (up to 22 inches and 6 lbs.) 
Total weight gain/loss:  official weight gain from the doctor -- 19 pounds.
Maternity clothes: I think with the weather warming up so much I'm going to have to invest in some lighter weight maternity pants.  
Cravings: nothing super specific -- I don't have much room anymore and get full super fast.
Symptoms: swelling, discomfort while sleeping, back aches, acid reflux and nesting  
Movement: The baby seems to squirm and flip around a lot. When I was at the doctor the heartbeat was 160, which means we have an active one on our hands!
Gender predictions: I feel a little sad that I don't have an inkling what we're having. Some days I think it's a girl for sure because so many of our friends are having girls and then others I think it's a boy. No clue!

I went to the doctor on Monday and everything looked great! Like I said above, the baby's heartbeat was around 160, which seemed really high considering lately it's been in the high 130s but he said it's normal, that the nurse probably caught the baby moving around.

It's been nice not really having much going on this week. I got almost all of my thank yous done, successfully cleaned the rest of our stuff out of the baby closet, washed and folded 3 loads of baby laundry, bought the baby monitor, picked out curtains and started organizing the baby closet. I'd say I'm definitely getting the nesting bug!

Now that I've done some laundry and started to organize everything, I have a better idea of the stuff we still need for the baby and, don't worry, it's all been added to my ever growing list!

There's not much else to report ... so here's my 35 week picture!