Two weeks ago tomorrow was my 28th birthday, which is really weird. I'm sure everyone who's older than me will roll their eyes when I say this, but last year, when I turned 27, I started not being able to remember how old I was. After 25 and before 30, the numbers just really run together.

Anyway, we were in Houston for a wedding (more on that to come...) and I got to celebrate with John, his parents, my aunt, grandmother and mom! We had a great time having dinner at Backstreet Cafe. My grandmother brought me the most hilarious hat that I wore for probably longer than most people. The picture below is the only one from my birthday but at least you get to see the hat!

I've kept the hat (it's on the hat rack in the nursery) and, I'm really thinking maybe the baby will take a pic or two in it after it's born, or on its birthday. It could be cute.

Cheers to 28 -- it's definitely going to be a great year!