belly business -- 34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks 
Size of the baby: large canteloupe (up to 22 inches and 5.5 lbs.) 
Total weight gain/loss:  official weight gain from the doctor -- 19 pounds.
Maternity clothes: All maternity pants, but now that the weather is nice, I've been able to wear some of my non-maternity short-sleeved shirts, etc. 
Cravings: still craving all things candy-related
Symptoms: I think I've finally hit the uncomfortable mark. Getting off the couch, walking for any period of time, sleeping, eating etc.; it's all uncomfortable.  
Movement: Lots of movement -- the heartbeat was in the 160 range at the doctor yesterday because the baby is so active.
Gender predictions: The nurse at my last appointment thinks we're having a boy.

Last week was really busy with work stuff and, as a Chi O advisor, I had to be at the house on Saturday for Mom's Day, which went really well. 

The only issue I had with being on my feet for about 4 hours at the house is that I was wearing very unsupportive shoes and my back was killing me -- hurting to the point that walking was extremely painful. Luckily we have a good friend that's a PT and he's given us this heavy duty ice pack and a stim. So I used a heating pad and iced and felt much better by Sunday. 

I've continued heating and icing the last few days and it helps, but my back is still killing me -- the pain is starting to move up to the middle, too! I've said it before: the pain and discomfort sucks but it's all totally worth it!

I made my hospital bag list over the weekend, and I thought I would feel like something was really accomplished when I finished this task, but really, the majority of the list can't be packed until it's time to go ... so unfortunately, I didn't exactly lower my stress level by crossing that item off my to do list.

With March (practically my busiest month so far) almost behind me, I'm looking forward to having free weekends and fewer meetings, appointments, etc. during the week, so I can finally make some progress on organizing the nursery, washing clothes/towels/sheets for the baby and maybe even get a little decor on the walls!

Oh, and in exciting news, a friend of mine, who was scheduled for a c-section Tuesday had her baby girl on Sunday -- 7 lbs. 1 oz.! Can't wait to see pics -- congrats Meghan and Collin!

And, now, since I didn't post a pic last week (I'll probably end up regretting that...), here's my 34 week pic. Enjoy!