belly business -- 32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks 
Size of the baby: honeydew melon (19 inches and 4.5 lbs.) 
Total weight gain/loss:  official weight gain from the doctor -- 15 pounds. I'm not weighing on my own, so I'm going with what the doc told me last time.
Maternity clothes: All maternity pants, but now that the weather is nice, I've been able to wear some of my non-maternity short-sleeved shirts, etc. 
Cravings: still craving all thing candy-related
Symptoms: My back aches a little more often and standing for too long tires me. I've also started to notice that my ankles and legs will start aching, and those aches will just move up my body. It's fun. 
Movement: Lots of movement, especially in the middle of the night, after I've gone to the bathroom.
Gender predictions: The nurse at my last appointment thinks we're having a boy.

Last week was super busy, but we got a lot of baby stuff accomplished!

Monday night was our final childbirth class. We toured the new hospital where baby M will officially makes it's debut and met one of 9 pediatricians in Norman. 

Tuesday and Thursday night, I had meetings. And then, pretty much my whole family came in town on Friday. 

I was running around early on Friday getting last minute things done, and then I picked up my brother and sister in law from the airport. That evening we had drinks and snacks and then dinner at Othello's. It was really nice to have everyone around!

Saturday was my baby shower (thanks B, Libby, Tara & Rachel!!). It was super nice and to say that everyone was generous is a huge understatement. We got our travel system, the bouncer, the pack 'n play and the high chair. Not to mention, we also got tons of super cute neutral clothes, diapers, bath products, toys, etc. It was awesome! I'm going to have my work cut out for me getting thank yous out in a timely fashion!

J got the furniture put together and the room set up just in time for my whole family to get to see where baby M will eventually call home! I'll post pics very soon. 

This week my plan is to get the contents of the closet transferred to plastic tubs and then really get everything organized. I'm really excited to do a load of baby laundry with my brand new bottle of Dreft! It's the little things...

Anyway, I had another doctor's appointment this morning, and everything is still coming along as it should! I cannot believe how close we are getting! Ahh!!!

(PS -- I'm sorry this has really turned into a baby blog, it's just that's what I've got going on, but I'm really trying my hardest not to become all baby, all the time. You'll be happy to know that this coming weekend is my birthday and we're headed to a wedding, which means there are non-baby posts to come!)