gone thriftin'.

Yesterday I had lunch with my preggo guru again and then had to get a couple of last details finished on our most recent issue of the magazine. After that, I thought I'd run over the TJ Maxx.

I never go there, but thought since we're working on the nursery, maybe I'd find something really cute and cheap that I had to have.

Well, I found something cute and cheap ... but it wasn't for the nursery.

I perused the shoes (I'm looking for a pair of black patent heels) and found the cutest pair of nude flats (hello, they'll go with everything!). They're BCBG and normally $75. I got them for $40. Such a steal!

Unfortunately, this was the only pair I saw. But, I was only in the size 6.5 and 7 aisles. Happy Thursday lovelies!