belly business -- 28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks as of Sunday
Size of the baby: small cabbage (17 inches and 2.9 lbs.) 
Total weight gain/loss:  official weight gain from the doctor -- 12 pounds. I got an A+ from the doc on Thursday on my weight gain! Go me!
Maternity clothes: I'm now rocking mostly maternity clothes. I can still fit into most of my non-maternity tops, but the pants are All Maternity, All the Time. 
Cravings: sweets and pasta with alfredo sauce
Symptoms: It's getting hard and harder to get up from the couch or get out of bed and bending over isn't as easy either. I think I've started getting more tired again and on Wednesday I got a headache and my stomach wasn't feeling good. Other than those, I'm good! 
Movement: Lots of movement.  
Gender predictions: I've had people tell me they are convinced I'm having a girl and people convinced I'm having a boy. J's great grandmother (who turned 100 right before Thanksgiving) is certain it's a girl and apparently she called all 3 of one of her granddaughter's kids.

Like I said, I had my doctor's appointment on Thursday morning and I heard today that my glucose levels were fine, but that my iron level was a little lower than the doctor wants. So, I'm adding an iron supplement to my daily ritual. I just hope I can remember the iron supplement better than I remember my prenatal vitamin!

I go back to the doctor on the 28th and after that, I start going every 2 weeks, which is totally crazy! I cannot believe how far along I am and how little time we have left to get everything ready!

We had a pretty uneventful weekend, and got a couple more things checked off my list of to-dos: taping off the nursery to get it painted ASAP and doing my Target registry! Now, who wants to help J paint? And, who wants to buy me everything off my registry?? Ha!

My weekly pic is coming tomorrow. I promise!