belly business -- 27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks as of Sunday
Size of the baby: eggplant (15 inches long, 2.2 lbs.) 
Total weight gain/loss:  official weight gain from the doctor -- 8 pounds (I haven't weighed myself since then and I don't really want to, to be honest)
Maternity clothes: I'm now rocking mostly maternity clothes. I can still fit into most of my non-maternity tops, but the pants are All Maternity, All the Time. 
Cravings: sweets, although I'm trying to curb that craving this week because I have the dreaded glucose test on Thursday. If you think of it, say a little prayer or think a good thought that I don't have gestational diabetes!
Symptoms: I really can't complain! I've been reading stuff lately that I might be starting to swell and have back pain and discomfort while sleeping, but so far, I haven't really had any of that. Knock on wood that that continues!
Movement: Lots of movement.  
Gender predictions: I've had people tell me they are convinced I'm having a girl and people convinced I'm having a boy. J's great grandmother (who turned 100 right before Thanksgiving) is certain it's a girl and apparently she called all 3 of one of her granddaughter's kids.

Starting yesterday I'm entering my third trimester, which is totally crazy! I'm feeling a little stress that we're running out of time to get everything ready, especially with the busy weekends we have on the calendar! Thankfully J puts up with my stress (and mood swings...) and he's been very helpful.

We have the bedding ordered, and the furniture is in. Next up is painting and finding a chair that we both like. I plan on getting the last few things out of the baby's room and (maybe) starting to paint next weekend.

Like I said above, I have a doctor's appointment this Thursday (as long as we're not snowed in again) and I'm doing the glucose test. I have to drink a sugary drink and an hour later I have blood drawn to test my blood sugar levels. I'm crossing my fingers I'm below 140 so I don't have to do the test over again.

And, finally here's this week's picture. Enjoy!