I've promised myself (and secretly you guys) to do at least one more mostly non-pregnancy-related post before my newest belly business post this weekend. You're welcome!

• One of my pet peeves is when people put apostrophes at the end of proper names to make them plural. Just remember, an apostrophe implies posession, not plural. For example, J and I are the Montgomerys, not the Montgomery's. I have other grammatical pet peeves, but this one bugs me more than most others.

• I've always loved online shopping, but now that I'm pregnant, I feel like it's not even worth scouring my favorite sites. Sometimes I'll forget and check them anyway, causing a bit of sadness and longing to be able to dress my pre-baby body. But, on the upside, I've taken to scouring sites for their maternity clothing. Too bad I'm way too frugal to spend any large sum of money on maternity clothes.

• It's the weekend!! J and I have an engagement party tomorrow night and this is my first time to dress up the bump. I've had other reasons to dress up since finding out I'm pregnant, but I have yet to put something dressy over my expanding belly. Luckily one of my besties is a shopping guru and found a cute (and cheap) maternity dress on clearance at Target. Maybe I'll post a pic of dressed up, preggo Emily. Maybe.

• J and I ordered the nursery furniture last night! So crazy and maybe a bit premature seeing as we still have a large amount of work to do before the room is crib/changing table-ready. But, the crib was on closeout and both pieces of furniture have been on sale since well before Christmas and we didn't want to miss out on the great prices! And, no fear, there will definitely be pics of the nursery, but those are a ways off as of now.

• Speaking of the nursery (wow, I just remembered that this was supposed to be a non-pregnancy-related post...whoops!), now that the bedding is ordered I've been on the lookout for other things to make that room complete. Below are three things I'd love to get for the room:

Fabulous Owl Lamp 
I kind of want to get this and then spray paint it yellow...or find a yellow lampshade. 

I can see this in the nursery to house books, baskets with diapers or whatever we need to store, etc. We have a bookcase in there now that I planned on leaving in there, but I'm kind of starting to lean toward this. Luckily, J really likes it too!

And this fabric (the far left one!) So cute and I really would have loved it as curtains or roman shades, but seeing as it's $75/yard, I don't think it's going to happen. I don't even think I could pay that much for one yard for a cute pillow. Sigh.

Ok, this ends my attempt at a neutral, non-baby blog post. Sorry I didn't really succeed. Maybe next time ... Have a fab weekend peoples!