making progress.

J is in Houston for the weekend, bachelor-partyin' it up. With a whole weekend to myself and a mom who's been chomping at the bit to help with anything baby related, I invited her up to try to make a dent in the room that will eventually become the baby's nursery.

I didn't take a before pic (the clutter in that tiny room wasn't for the faint of heart), but my mom and I tackled what we could (pics coming very soon).

It's not completely cleaned out, but we got rid of a bunch of stuff and have things moved around so that we know what's in there and can make definitive decisions on where the stuff is going to go. It's tough to put things in boxes and move them out of that room, knowing they'll be less accessible, but I guess I can sleep well knowing that I didn't really utilize my easy access to those things before.

And, upon the advice of my mom, I think I'm going to set a date that I want the room cleaned out by, so we can finally order the furniture and start to really turn it into a nursery. As of tomorrow, I'll be 24 weeks (crazy -- post coming tomorrow), which means I have just 16 weeks left. And, if you think of that time in 4-week-long months, I only have 4 months to go. CRAZY!