belly business -- 25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks
Size of the baby: eggplant (9 inches long, 1.7 lbs.) -- I think I put this last week, and now that I'm looking at it again, I think I was wrong. I don't know what the baby was last week, but now it's the size of an eggplant. Hope I didn't mess anyone up ... who am I kidding, no one cares about this but me! LOL
Total weight gain/loss:  official weight gain from the doctor -- 8 pounds (I haven't weighed myself since then and I don't really want to, to be honest)
Maternity clothes: I'm now rocking mostly maternity clothes. I can still fit into most of my non-maternity tops, but the pants are All Maternity, All the Time.
Cravings: I was craving creamy pasta for a while (check that one off my list, thank you NY Pizza) and after every.single.meal I want something sweet. Today I finally curbed my need for candy with grapes. One step at a time, people.
Symptoms: I really can't complain!
Movement: Lots of movement. I definitely notice a jump in movement after I've eaten something sugary. And, in the middle of the night last night, I think the baby had the hiccups.
Gender predictions: I've had people tell me they are convinced I'm having a girl and people convinced I'm having a boy. J's great grandmother (who turned 100 right before Thanksgiving) is certain it's a girl and apparently she called all 3 of one of her granddaughter's kids.

Things are going very well for me. I've really started to pop and I get questions about when I'm due much more frequently now.

It's starting get a little old just sleeping on my side at night. I sneak in a little sleeping on my back here and there, but I probably won't be able to do that for much longer.

Ooooh. So, I saw a sorority sister this past weekend at my friend's engagement party. She had a baby back in October (I think) and, as general chit chat, I asked how all that was going, etc. And, as I think it is for most new parents, she kind of had diarrhea of the mouth. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very interested to hear about becoming a parent (hello, that's me in like 3 months), but I don't want to be scared. And, to be honest, she scared me just a little. I'm sure everything will work out as it's supposed to, but wow...I have a few more worries now!

That's all for now. Pic of the bubbala coming soon!