i may just have the smartest brother ever.

This morning my brother DMed me on Twitter telling me to go to some link.

Let me give you a little background on my brother. He's extremely savvy when it comes to technology. And, he's always on the lookout for something that might tickle someone he knows' fancy. I get emails from him fairly often about things he's read that he knows/thinks I might be interested in. He's pretty thoughtful.

When I got the link, I saw Etsy in the address. My curiosity was immediately piqued. My brother knows about Etsy? And, he's shopped on Etsy? No way.

What I found when I followed the link was a little quiz of sorts. Six items were shown and I had to pick the one that was most like me (or hit the little button at the top that said none were like me, move on). I went through the quiz and what did I see? A long listing of things that Etsy figured I'd like. And, well ... they figured right!

I've spent many an hour on there looking for things that I love. I've seen so many other blogs posting about the great things they find on there, and I just have never known how they find the great things. Do they do specific searches? Do they already know of certain sellers that have the goods? I had no idea.

This little quiz really opened my eyes.

If you want to take the quiz, go here.

Below you'll find a smattering (good word, huh) of items that Etsy just knew I'd love (and it's super tiny...whoops!). And you can see the entire list of recommendations here.

Go take the quiz and find out just how well Etsy knows you! 

Oh, and PS -- J and I braved Babies R Us yesterday and finally started a registry (sans argument)!!