big 12 champs.

Considering this year was the last for an actual conference championship game, we had to be in attendance. J convinced his parents to order tickets months ago and, thank goodness, the cards fell just right and the Sooners were playing in their eighth game under Bob Stoops.

Even though our fans were outnumbered at least 3:1 (and the Nebraska fans were a bit overconfident), we were loud and proud and cheered our team on to it's 7th Big 12 Championship! (I forgot my camera, so these are all iPhone pics)

gorgeous sunset hitting the side of Jerry's World

we got inside the stadium super early, but I enjoyed watching the teams warm up and just soaking in the atmosphere of our first championship game

the Prrrrrrrride of Oklahoma

the Prrrrrrrride of Oklahoma on the jumbo screen

I didn't take many pictures during the game (I was too busy having mini heart attacks hoping our guys could pull out the win). Here are post-game pics of the Sooners celebrating another Big 12 Championship!

And finally, apparently one Sooner fan thought the theme of the night was New Year's Eve and chose to wear a sparkly jacket and the shortest, tightest dress I've ever seen at a football game. I bet she was wishing for a champagne toast to celebrate the win!