belly business -- 19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks
Size of the baby: mango
Total weight gain/loss: I'm fairly certain I've gained weight, but I'm not so sure how much
Maternity clothes: I've been using my bellaband everyday but I'm definitely on the verge of needing some maternity jeans. 
Cravings: all the bad things -- salty fried food and sweets and caffeine-free Dr. Pepper -
Symptoms: not much indigestion lately (thank goodness), except last Thursday when I had sushi for the first time in a long time (all cooked though).
Movement: I think I felt him/her last week and I might have felt the baby a few other times this week. I can't wait to be sure I'm feeling the baby and for J to be able to feel it, too.
Gender predictions: I've had people tell me they are convinced I'm having a girl and people convinced I'm having a girl. J's great grandmother (who turned 100 right before Thanksgiving) is certain it's a girl and apparently she called all 3 of one of her granddaughter's kids. 

Our next doctor's appointment is this Thursday and I'm so excited to see the baby again and hear the heart beat! If we wanted to know what we're having, we'd find out on Thursday, so if we change our minds and decide to find out, I'll let you all know! 

Have a great week!

(once again, the picture is on its way ... as you can tell I'm kinda lazy on the picture front)